Every cat-lover should have a Devon Rex once in their lifetime.

Welcome to Neon-Cat Devon Rex, home of the friendliest Devon cats and Devon kittens in the whole USA! You might just find your special feline companion right here…

Neon-Cat is a small CFA registered cattery located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Although we’ve retired from showing, we’ve been active in the cat fancy since 1989. To our great delight we’ve been involved and devoted solely to Devon Rex since 1994.

Here our Devons live and grow up in a clean, neat home environment with lots of love and attention. The Devons freely enjoy the companionship of other kitties and their canine friend. They also take an active interest in watching birds, squirrels, and lizards from safe window vantage points inside.

Kittens may go to responsible pet owners and families beginning at 14 weeks of age. Neon-Cat’s standard contract calls for kittens and cats to be kept indoors and treated like royalty. All Neon-Cats leave home healthy. From time-to-time there are males and females available to established breeders. Breeding rights are purchased in the cat fancy and future breeders should be mentored by an experienced breeder or two. Individual registration papers from our cattery will reflect only a spayed or neutered pet, unless a kitten/cat has been placed with breeding rights.

Our cattery is what is called a “closed cattery” – there are no queens sent out for breeding nor are there any cats taken in for breeding. This policy helps keep our Devon family healthy. Queens love being mothers and maintain excellent condition and health throughout pregnancy and nursing. They are bred as appropriate for them and to prevent feline uterine complications from too widely spaced inactivity. In twenty-seven years of breeding Devon Rex we have never had a major disease ourbreak, herpes, calici, and FIP included. We have truly been blessed. All adults and kittens are routinely vaccinated and wormed. We are a feline leukemia/FIV negative cattery. All adults are routinely screen by echocardiogram for heart disease and HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and are free and clear.


In the unlikely event of a genetic or congenital defect that may come to light in the first year (as documented by your veterinarian), a replacement kitten will be provided when available if a complete veterinary record can be provided directly from your veterinarian to my veterinarian.

Wellness checks on your kitten, where desired, should be accomplished 1-2 days after adoption.

There are no cash refunds, and deposit fees are non-refundable, although hardship cases may, at my sole discretion, warrant the return of the deposit.

Your warranty becomes void if the terms of sale are violated. For example, declawing your kitten or cat voids all warranties.

All legitimate and verifiable concerns and issues are promptly and politely dealt with and always have been.


Kittens are $1,100.00. Pricing and terms will be discussed with you during your initial telephone call and all kittens are priced alike for the year 2021 regardless or sex or color.

A $400.00 non-refundable deposit reserves your selected kitten ($700.00 for two) until it is time for the kitten(s) to leave home. Deposits should arrive in a timely fashion (7 days or less) and be made out to me, Marian Gooding. A kitten is not reserved until I have received your deposit. You will be notified by telephone and/or text when your deposit arrives. An email receipt will also be supplied. At time of pick-up or delivery to the airport, unless you mail your balance in ahead of time so that the check can clear the bank (1-3 days), cash must be used to pay your balance in full.

We do not maintain a waiting list. The color, patterns, and sexes of future kittens cannot be predicted with accuracy. If you are interested in a Devon Rex, please check back periodically.

We do not ship, but are willing to meet clients at either Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) or Love Field, Dallas. Airport transportation is $60.00, weekends only, with times and dates to be mutually acceptable. Please ask your airline carrier about their fee, if any, for flying your kitty in-cabin. Also inquire whether or not the carrier requires a health certificate to transport your kitten. If required, a health certificate is obtained at my vet’s for an additional $37.00.

During this time of COVID-19, preference for client selection will be for those living in-state or for those able to drive or fly into Texas, as per state mandates.

If you or someone in your family has an allergy to normal cats, or suffers from asthma or experiences hives around cats, this must be disclosed prior to an adoption agreement between us. In the rare event the placement fails due to allergy, a refund in the amount of the resale value of the kitten less deposit/service fee will be provided. The purchaser will be responsible for all travel costs incurred for the return of the kitten. In no case will I be held responsible for medical expenses related to your purchase of these kittens. I do not advertise our Devon Rex as hypoallergenic. Porch visits are encouraged if you have not met a Devon before – it provides a quick but non-definitive check on your tolerance to Devon Rex.

We have a number of clients with disabilities. It is expected that future owners will be mobile and able to care for their kitten/cat unless living arrangements include an able-bodied family member or full-time care-giver.

COVID-19 and kittens & cats

Similar to people, most exposed cats probably won’t get sick with Covid-19 or if they do, the disease will be mild (abnormal body temperature, weight loss, conjunctivitis). A subset of kitties may get a more serious form of Covid-19 (rhinitis and conjunctivitis), and a smaller subset may even die from the infection (viral pneumonia). Experimentally, cats have been shown to infect other cats. Infections of humans by cats has not been known to occur.

For now during these times of COVID-19, home visits have been suspended. Porch visits with masks are possible, depending on the weather.

Colors & Patterns

Devon Rex can have about 1900 different colors and patterns. Ours come in solid colors, or bicolor with white, along with pointed (Si-Rex) kittens as well as mink kittens. Both the blue-eyed pointed kittens and the aqua-eyed mink kitten may come with “and white”.

Marian Gooding as Neon-Cat or neoncat@flash.net or neoncat.marian@gmail.com maintains only this web site and a Flickr Photo site on the internet. There are many people using the name or label Neon-Cat or other similar names. Please use neoncat@flash.net to contact us.

Check out the ceramic art work on Flickr. Some work features Devon Rex and other animals, real or mythical.

The internet is a wonderful place but you can't believe everything you read...

Devon Rex Kittens for Adoption

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As of 3-24-21 there are no kittens available. Our next litters will be born around April 22, 2021. They will be ready for end of July home-leaving.

See photos of our current & recent kittens in Snap Shots 3 (updated 3-22-21).

Pricing and policies are on the left-hand side of the page.

Kittens are left on the first page here until their deposits have been received or when featured on the main page. Once reserved or placed, kittens are displayed for your pleasure in Snap Shots 3 (updated 3-22-20).

Client Photos 2 (updated 11-15-18) has some wonderful photos sent in by our Devon Rex owners showing their kitty kids doing all sorts of often amazing things or just being super loving Devons. Enjoy!

If you’re revisiting the site don’t forget to update your browser so you can see the latest site pages and photos.

For information or just to chat,

Call: 817-377-2015

Top priority is given to those who call. Established clients are welcome to email or text.

Everyone must call at least once to be screened.

I don’t discuss adoptions with anonymous strangers who email or text.

Marian Gooding



Watch your reserved kitten grow in the “Snap Shots 3” section or see cute examples of style, type, and color in the “Snap Shots 1” & “Snap Shots 2” sections of this website (the site menu is in the left upper corner of this main page).

New photos of our adult Devon Rex have been posted as of 3-3-20.

“Clients photos 1” (2015 and prior) has been edited & updated 11-15-18.

“Client photos 2” (2016–2018) has been updated as of 11-15-18.

There are hundreds of cute and beautiful photos celebrating our clients and their kittens in the Client photos sections. Many thanks to all who have shared their lives and Devons with us!


Kittens always look larger than they are in photos.

Your 14 week-old kittens will be small when they leave home and should have all the protection afforded a human baby.

Kittens readily learn new names – while here, I like them all to have names.

All kittens are born with blue eyes. Their eye color changes as they grown, passing first through a blue-gray transition before settling into their adult eye color, usually green, hazel, or gold for our kitties, except for the pointeds who always have blue adult eye color and the minks who have aqua eye color.

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