Client Photos 1 - 2015 and prior

Elizabeth & John’s – Mickey Smelling Basil high above Park Ave. in NYC. Mickey is a red & white Devon boy about a year old in this photo from 9-22-12.

The serious bird watchers: Trinka (blue & white Devon girl, 3 years and 9 months old) with Ellie her canine. Anita’s girls, TX; photo from 4-21-07.

Anita’s girls take a nap – Trinka, blue & white Devon girl, with Ellie the Schnauzer, TX; 2-16-12.

Heather’s Raven, black Devon Rex girl, TX, 7-1-12

Judy’s Miranda, silver patched tabby & white girl; 7 months old; Georgetwon, TX; 2-24-10

Judy & Gerry’s Valentine bird watching in TX – black & white tuxedo boy, 1 year & 4 months old; 6-16-13

Linda’s Sonny at 10 years old in this photo from 10-24-12. Sonny is an odd-eyed white male Devon Rex with Rose in MI

Maga’s Mushu – red classic tabby & white boy, one year & 9 months old, CA, 10-24-12

Valerie’s Ariel with the crested pup who seems to have taken a shine to Ariel. TX, US; 1-29-12

Valerie’s Ariel – under the couch & playing with the poodle right off the bat; TX; 1-29-12

Camille’s Blue Ivy: “I love boxes but this one had nothing in it for me!” – Dallas, TX; 11-25-12

Camille’s Ink – beautiful calico, fast asleep; TX; 11-19-12

Charlie: “They said it’s gonna be a party!” Charlie is a red classic tabby & white; 1½ years old; Courtney & Simon, Denver, CO; 12-6-12

Faith adopts 12 year old Sunshine — a wonderful match for both! Sunshine is a silver patched tabby & white girl; 3-29-13

Kristin C’s Jinx with his big “sister” – first day home; 12-21-12

Kristin C’s men – Dennis snuggles Jinx; 2012

Calypso (chocolate calico) – restful activity; an inspiration; almost 1 year old; Anna S., TX; 4-5-13 

Fred Jr.’s Lily (odd-eyed white) with Fred & Darlene L.’s Joni (tortie & white) & Olivia (silver tabby & white); Chicago, 4-5-13

Anna Schaffer’s Alev waving hello; Belton, TX; 4-17-13

Rosalie (tortie & white) meets her new sister and loves on her new dad – Pineville, LA; 4-23-13

Gayla & Tim’s red & white Charlotte; Grand Prairie, TX  5-27-13

Nea sits for a photo; Red spotted classic tabby & white girl; 2½ years old; Lisa L., KY; 2-3-14

Dan F.’s Zara at 13 years old; Zara is a lovely blue-cream Devon Rex girl; 2-11-2014

Justice E.’s Pixel, odd-eyed white, at 12.5 years old; 2-12-14

Noella’s Polly, calico, 6 months old; TX; 3-30-14

Laurie’s Tiny Dancer – red tabby & white, 12 years old; April 2014

Gaylene’s Itsey, 6 months old, posing wth a friend in Oklahoma; May 2014

Alice’s Tilly (blue-silver patched tabby & white girl) – beds are for playing – May 2014

Meagan’s Dexter; 5 month old red tabby boy; he woke his mom early then went back to bed; Dexter’s dad carries the cinnamon gene and Dexter has a lovely cinnamon red color that may stem from the influence of the cinnamon gene; 7-5-14

Mazzy (tortie & white) with her mom DeAnn; August 2014 

Trixs (2 year old calico) finds a napping spot – Carol Z. and family; TX 8-4-2014

Baby Meatloaf (calico girl) with Dustin – love is getting adopted; Julie S., TX; 9-26-14

Fresno and his dad – Mitzi B. OK 10-6-2014 

Zippy (top – silver tabby & white boy; 11 years old) helped his mom Alicia open her own veterinary practice in Florida; 11-19-14

Moxie (tortie & white kitten) on Leonie M. – Fairview, TX Nov. 2014

Monee’s black smoke & white girl BJ, 1½ years old; Christmas 2014

Ginna D.’s Zootie (black & white) and Moii (red classic tabby & white) – big coats for Christmas; 2½ years old; 12-2014 

Alvie – Will’s red & white girl at 4 years old; Dallas, TX; Spring 2015

Knoxie helps with Stephanie’s shower routine – Frisco TX – Spring 2015

Ender and his mom Delta; Ender is a sweet chocolate & white boy; 6-16-15; Eustace TX

Many thanks to the wonderful folks who share their lives with these beautiful and fascinating Devon Rex!

Minnie smelling basil – Minnie is a red & white Devon Rex girl about one year old in this photo from 9-22-12. Minnie lives with Mickey her brother and John and Elizabeth in NYC

Minnie seems to love her garden; 9-22-12

Tender parsley – wow, a different aroma. John & Elizabeth’s Minnie, NYC; 9-22-12

Action shot! Anita’s Kipp and Ellie the Schnauzer. Kipp, red tabby & white Devon boy, almost 5 years old, lives with Anita, Stephen, and family with Trinka and Ellie in TX; 9-1-12.

Anita’s Trinka watches birds with Ellie the dog. TX, USA; 1-7-12.

Anita’s Kipp rests with his human dad Stephen in TX; 10-23-12

Cricket – little clown face; Georgetta & David S., NY; 4-18-10

Cricket & Crystal – two pretty girls; Georgetta & David A., NY; 6-24-11

Cricket & Crystal – two pretty girls; Georgetta & David A., NY; 6-24Crystal (silver tabby & white) & Cricket (tortie & white); Getta & David S., NY; 5-11-11-11

Heather’s Vivian – tortie & white girl, 3 years & 3 months old; TX; 10-24-12

Judy & Gerry’s Miranda; silver patched tabby & white girl; 1 year & 8 months old; Georgetown, TX; 3-27-11

Valerie & Tracy’s Ariel, TX, 1-29-12

Camille & Joe’s Ink – calico girl – Dallas TX; 11-18-12

Camille’s Ink – calico girl; TX; 11-18-12

Camille’s Ink – calico girl; 10 months old; 12-4-12

Charlie at the computer – Courtney & Simon; CO; 12-6-12

Jennifer’s Mia – checking out the faucet; red tabby & white girl; 5 months old; 3-29-13

Ginna’s Moii with Zootie; 3-15-13

Ginna’s Moii and the Christmas tree; red classic tabby & white girl, 7 months old; 1-6-13

Ginna’s Zootie – sweater-weather; black & white, 6 months old; 12-14-12

Ginna’s Zootie & Moii check the water in the sink; 10 months old; 3-8-13

Ginna’s Zootie with Oona; 1-24-13

Fred & Fred Jr’s girls – Joni – Lily – Olivia in front; Chicago, USA

Lily – odd-eyed white Devon Rex: Fred Jr. , Chicago; 4-5-13

Helane’s Lexie – silver tabby & white girl, almost 4 years old; TX; 4-11-13

Trixs (calico) with Carol Z. – Sugar Land, TX – May 2013

Gayla & Tim’s Charlotte, red & white, on a warming break; TX; 5-27-13

Gayla & Tim’s Charlotte – big chair – little kitty 5-27-13

Gayla & Tim’s Charlotte contemplates a romp through the ashes… 5-27-13

Justice E.’s Mika, lavender tortie, at 10.5 years old; 2-12-14

Stephanie with Benton, a red tabby & white boy born 4-28-07

Meagan’s Penelople – “Meow!”; 4-21-14

Meagan’s Penelope has her own project; April 2014

Katy & Glenn’s Lexi; 10-13-11

Donna’s Alice with Zack; Alice is a blue-eyed, blue tortie point & white; 4-5-13

Tracy’s Sherlock (chocolate-silver tabby & white boy; 3 years old) with Zoe; 2010

Alice’s Tilly – “OK, we’ve made the bed, now what?”  Tilly is a cute blue-silver patched tabby & white girl. May 2014

Daniel, Julie and family – Brandon (red point) chilling out; 7-25-14

Maggie gets a grooming by Oliver her new “brother” – Kerry R. and family; Aug 2014

Maggie: “You wanted a photo in the sun?” – Kerry R and family; Aug 2014

Judy and Gerald’s Valentine – computer boy; October 2014

Brandon all stretched out; Dan and family – Weatherford, TX; 9-2014

Huxley (black & white) and Roxy (tortie & white): “Awesome! This faucet drips!!” – Sotera and Michael, Austin, TX; Nov. 2014

Mushu – with Jessica in San Francisco; 3-15-2013

Moxie with Leonie – two awesome gals; Fairview, TX; Nov. 2014

Moxie and Leonie catch some rays of sunshine together; Dec 2014; Leonie will soon be showing Moxie the art of kiln-fired glass.

Monee’s red tabby & white girl Evie; 1 year & 3 months old; Christmas 2014

Monee’s BJ (black smoke & white girl, 1 year & 5 months old) is also ready for Santa; 2014

Monee’s Evie is ready for Santa; 2014

Chris with Eliiigrace – out for a drive

Tango, Zydeco & Reggae – these older girls still have lots of spunk; Patty Wrights and Amanda Miles; TX; 1-27-15

Oliver gets selected! He Zoe will be best friends; Oliver is a red spotted tabby baby; Anika, Zoe & Dylan; TX;  March 2015