Our Adult Devon Rex - updated 2-9-20


Neon-Cat Flanagan with Neon-Cat Charlie – two boys relaxing in the sun; 1-13-18

Neon-Cat Flanagan – a very soft & furry, red point & white boy; 1-13-18

Neon-Cat Flanagan (front) & young Charlie (rear) – telling me about the green anole lizard sunning outside while hanging on the window screen; 11-28-17

Neon-Cat Flanagan – blue-eyed, red point & white boy, 1 year old; 3-23-17

Furry Neon-Cat Flanagan; 3-19-17

Lazy boys – Creamsicle (left) with Neon-Cat Flanagan (right); 3-21-17


Neon-Cat Charlie – red & white stud; 1 year & 10 months old; 12-16-18

Neon-Cat Charlie has to wait his turn to father kittens (Sawyer is at work in the mating pen below him). Charlie is still re-growing his coat after a kitten molt; he’s 11½ months old; 1-13-18

Neon-Cat Charlie – lively red & white boy; 11½ months old. Only a youth, Charlie is already our largest Devon at 9.8 pounds (his mom is our smallest girl Carmen); 1-13-18

Neon-Cat Charlie – 9½ month old red & white youth. Charlie is still coating-up after his molt; 11-28-17


Neon-Cat Ashton – natural mink – 2 years and 5 months old; 2-4-20

Neon-Cat Ashton – natural mink stud; 1 year & 3 months old; all minks darken with age; 12-16-18


Neon-Cat Ashton gets his mink on – natural mink boy, almost 9 months old. Ashton is still regrowing his coat after his early kitten molt; 5-26-18

Neon-Cat Ashton – natural mink; almost 9 months old; 5-26-18

Neon-Cat Ashton refuses to get serious about photos; instead he’s hamming it up with me. Ashton is a molted natural mink boy; 4½ months old; 1-18-18

Neon-Cat Ashton – molted, almost 4½ months old; 1-13-18

Neon-Cat Ashton – molted, almost 4½ months old. Ashton has aqua eye color typical of minks; 1-13-18

Neon-Cat Ashton goofs off. He’s semi-molted and almost 4½ months old; 1-13-18

Neon-Cat Ashton schmoozing around; almost 4½ months old; 1-13-18

Love is a neck bite! Neon-Cat Ashton (4½ months) wrestles with and Neon-Cat Lia (9 months old); thus far baby Ashton just practices his wrestling moves; 1-13-18


Neon-Cat Sabrina – Santa’s helper, Sabrina is watching to see who’s naughty or nice; black & white Devon Rex; 6 years old; 12-1-19

Neon-Cat Sabrina – pregnant and resting in the morning sun; 12-16-18

Neon-Cat Sabrina has been nesting off-and-on while pregnant; here she’s resting comfortably. Notice how the body-color pigment on some cats with “and white” colors normally black paw pads pink. Cats have 8 nipples for kittens to nurse – 4 sets of 2; 1-23-18

Neon-Cat Sabrina – waiting to give birth; 1-22-18

Baby watch – Neon-Cat Sabrina (left) with her daughter Neon-Cat Cholita Red (middle) & young Neon-Cat Lia (right; Lia now lives with Emily Joy in Fort Worth); 1-22-18

Neon-Cat Sabrina is expecting kittens. Sabrina is a super-soft, 4½ year old, black & white queen. She is the mother of Cholita Red and Sawyer; 1-13-18

Neon-Cat Sabrina is nursing a litter of three but enjoys a play break once in awhile; 3-19-17

Neon-Cat Sabrina – black & white queen, 3 years and 8 months old; 3-23-17

Neon-Cat Sabrina finishes her snack; 3-23-17

Neon-Cat Sabrina – night moves. Sabrina is a black & white girl. Her genotype is aaBbD_CcsSsTM_XX (we use blank spaces “_” when the complete genotype has not yet become apparent). The use of cs shows that Sabrina carries a copy of the recessive gene for points. With just one copy of the pointed gene, she cannot express the pointed pattern. If a kitten receives a gene for points from both its mother and father (cscs) he or she will express the pointed pattern, like Flash, Flanagan, and Sawyer; 3-19-17

Neon-Cat Sabrina – carrying baby Devon Rex – close to end of term; 5-17-16


Alexei – natural mink smoke. As a smoke (aaI-), Alexei has a silvery-white undercoat; her individual coat hairs are half mink color at the tips, and half silvery white at the roots. The dominant inhibitor gene I suppresses pigment development in growing hairs; Alexei’s daddy was a silver tabby & white boy (AaIi); 2-27-20

Neon-Cat Alexei – aqua-eyed, natural mink smoke; 4 years old; 2-17-20

Neon-Cat Alexei with Neon-Cat Sabrina (left); 2-17-20

Neon-Cat Alexei – big yawn; 2-17-20 

Neon-Cat Alexei; natural mink smoke queen; aqua eye color; 1 year and 10½ months old; 1-18-18 

Neon-Cat Alexei; natural mink smoke queen; aqua eye color; 1 year and 10½ months old; 1-18-18

Neon-Cat Alexei in her relaxed alert mode; 1-18-18 

Neon-Cat Alexei profile; 1-18-18

Neon-Cat Alexei with Mocha Crinkles. Alexei has a gorgeous, super-soft coat; 1 year and 10½ months old; 1-18-18 

Neon-Cat Alexei (right) and Nina’s Neon-Cat Audrey (left) – a little mutual grooming (Neon-Cat Stella in the background); 11-28-17

Neon-Cat Alexei – natural mink girl; 1 year and 7 months old; 9-21-17

Neon-Cat Alexei – natural smoke mink, 13 months old; her genotype is aaBbDdcscbIissXX; photo from 3-21-17

Neon-Cat Alexei on the futon; 3-21-17

Neon-Cat Alexei relaxing in the sun; 3-21-17

Neon-Cat Alexei profile; 3-21-17

Neon-Cat Alexei – natural smoke mink girl, 1 year and 1 month old; 3-19-17

Neon-Cat Alexei checks out the new blinds. Alexei is pregnant with her first litter; 3-19-17

Neon-Cat Alexei – pregnant little butterball; 3-19-17


Neon-Cat Dixie – 55 days pregnant; relaxing on a high perch; 1-7-21

Neon-Cat Dixie on the prowl! Dixie is a seal point & white Devon Rex; 1 year and 4 months old; 12-1-19

Neon-Cat Dixie – seal point & white; 1 year and 4 months old; 12-1-19

Neon-Cat Dixie watches leaves blowing outside; 12-1-19

Neon-Cat Dixie – perfect repose; seal point & white; 1 year, 4 months old;  12-1-19 

Neon-Cat Dixie; 12-1-19


Neon-Cat Sapphire (left) and Neon-Cat Cholita Red (right); 2-17-20

Neon-Cat Sapphire – blue patched tabby & white queen; 1 year and 7½ months old; 2-4-20

Neon-Cat Sapphire, blue patched tabby & white; 1 year and 5 months old, with Neon-Cat Anya, tortie & white, 8 months old;  11-29-19

Neon-Cat Sapphire – energetic kitty; she’s regaining her trim figure after her first litter; 1 year & 3 months old; 10-11-19

Neon-Cat Sapphire – 52 days pregnant with her first litter. Pregnant Lia is in the background. Sapphire is a blue patched tabby & white queen; 7-13-19

Neon-Cat Sapphire – almost 6 months old; 12-15-18

Neon-Cat Sapphire – blue patched tabby & white;  almost 6 months old; 12-16-18 

Neon-Cat Sapphire (almost 6 months old) keeps pregnant Neon-Cat Sabrina company; 12-16-18

Neon-Cat Sapphire; blue patched tabby & white girl; 14 weeks old; 10-5-18


Neon-Cat Sadie catches some afternoon sun; 2-17-20

“Aggh! The camera!” Neon-Cat Sadie – red tabby & white queen; 5½ years old; 1-22-18

Neon-Cat Sadie sits for a photo; 1-22-18

Neon-Cat Sadie – red mackerel tabby & white queen; notice the classic “M” outlined in red above her eyes – this is characteristic of tabby cats but does not always show if the “and white” color obsures the pattern; tabbies will also have what we call white “eye-liner” around their eyes and sometimes a darker rim above their pink noses; Sadie’s genotyoe is AaBbDdCcsSsTstbXOXO. Sadie carries the cs gene for point color. Photo from 1-27-1. 

Neon-Cat Sadie gives Brandon a grooming; 4-14-14

Neon-Cat Sadie with her kittens Seamus, Christine & Brandon – they’re just turning 3 weeks old in this photo.

Neon-Cat Sadie and her litter born 3-29-16. The kittens are 17 days old in this photo. Mothers typically lose coat around their flanks as the kittens nurse – there are 5 sharp baby claws per front paw. That makes 40 baby claws at work here as the kittens knead the mom’s tummy as they nurse. Photo from 4-15-16. 

Cholita Red

Neon-Cat Cholita Red takes the middle shelf;  12-16-18

Neon-Cat Cholita Red – colorful, blue eyed, seal tortie point & white Devon Rex; 3 years old;  12-16-18

Neon-Cat Cholita Red heading for the dry food feeder – blue-eyed, seal tortie point & white queen; 2 years and 1 month old; 1-18-18

Neon-Cat Cholita Red at the window. Seal tortie point & whites have interesting dashes of red and black in their point colors. Some pigment spread into the body color may occur; 1-18-18

Neon-Cat Cholita Red (left front) with 9 month old Lia (right) and retired girl Reese (rear); 1-18-18

Neon-Cat Cholita Red with kittens Donny (left) and Maura (right) at 11 days old; 7-8-17 

Neon-Cat Cholita Red – seal tortie point & white future queen, 1 year and 3 months old; 3-20-17

Neon-Cat Cholita Red – seal tortie point & white future queen, 1 year and 3 months old; 3-20-17

Neon-Cat Cholita Red – pregnant seal tortie point & white girl; 3-20-17

Neon-Cat Cholita Red (right) and Neon-Cat Sadie (left) share a perch; 3-20-17

Neon-Cat Cholita Red checks out the new blinds. Cholita has one orange ear; 3-19-17


Stella nesting; the girls like to fluff their beds while waiting to deliver; 4-18-20

Neon-Cat Stella – Seal tortie point & white; 3 years and 10 months old; 2-17-20

Neon-Cat Stella (right; 3½ years old) with Neon-Cat Anya (left; 6 months old) and Neon-Cat Sapphire (middle; 1 year & 3 months old); 10-11-19

Neon-Cat Stella – beautiful, seal tortie point & white Devon Rex queen; 2 years & 7 months old; 12-16-18

Neon-Cat Stella: “I am not having 20 kittens! No way!” Stella is expecting her first litter in early February; 1-18-18

Neon-Cat Stella – pregnant and feeling the weight. Stella is a seal tortie point & white girl; 1 year and 8 months old; 1-18-18

Neon-Cat Stella – soaking up a little sun; 1-18-18

Neon-Cat Stella is awaiting her first litter and she’s a little perplexed about why she’s not fitting into the bathroom sink comfortably anymore. Stella is a lovely, blue-eyed, seal tortie point & white girl; 1 year and 8 months old; 1-13-18

Neon-Cat Stella – at mid-term with her first litter; 1-13-19

Neon-Cat Stella – seal tortie point & white girl, 11 months old; her genotype is aaB_D_cscsS_ iiT_XOX; photo from 3-21-17.

Neon-Cat Stella thinks young Sawyer is pesky; 3-21-17